Director-Home Health

Serves as Administrator to manage, direct and coordinate all the activities of the Home Health program.

Essential Functions:
Plans, directs, and coordinates overall development, administration, and physical operation, of the home health organization as set forth in the Conditions of Participation for Home Health Agencies, under the direction of the Board of Directors. Develops standards and methods for measurement of organizational activities. Directs installation of improved work methods and procedures to insure achievement of objectives of the program.
Maintains an ongoing relationship with Administration, staff, and personnel employed by the organization, through interpretation and transmitting of policies. Insures compliance with all policies. Meets with other administrative personnel and coordinates and reviews activities in view of achieving the goals of the organization. Evaluates need for and procedures by means of periodic studies.
Prepares periodic reports to the Assistant Chief Operating Officer concerning various phases of organization operation and financial status. Implements an effective budgeting and accounting system. Authorizes purchase of supplies and equipment. Participates in the annual agency evaluation and planning for the upcoming year.
Develops cooperative relationships with other agencies for exchange of information and services; with community agencies to develop understanding of organization program. Insures the accuracy of public information materials and activities. Cooperates with other health professionals and health related agencies and organizations to increase agency services to the community.
Develop employee work schedules and ensures appropriate staffing levels in all areas of the department operations. Recommends rules regarding conduct of employees while on duty, working hours, and salary rates. Insures adequate staff education. Participates in planning for all in-service education for personnel. Monitors, and identifies personnel problems and promptly reports all major or potentially major problems to Human Resources. Assists in recruitment, selection, retention, and training of competent agency personnel. Completes all 90 day and annual evaluations on employees.
Assures that medical records documentation is compliant with all reimbursement rules and regulations. Provides leadership in promoting and maintaining standards for good quality care. Contacts local, state, and national associations and participates in meetings and conventions as necessary to improve knowledge and operations.
Insures that patient's rights to fair and equitable treatment self determination, individuality, privacy, property, and civil rights, including the right to wage a complaint, are well established and maintained at all times. Assures that all patients have appropriate personnel assignments.
Will perform as Registered Nurse as needed and will have on call duties to provide direct care. Performs other duties as assigned or requested.

A high school diploma or equivalency is required. An Associates Degree in Nursing is required and a Bachelors Degree in Nursing is preferred for this position. A minimum of two years of healthcare experience is necessary preferably with home visiting experience.

Don't Be Fooled

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